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I’m considering the purchase of an EZIO2x4 but had a question that seemed directly relevant to this thread. The short version of my question is, will the EZIO2x4 detect a momentary contact closure that lasts only 10-20ms?

Now for the longer version (with a few more detailed questions)…

I have a Rainwise RAINEW 111 rain bucket (http://www.rainwise.com/products/detail.php?ID=6697&Category=Rain_Gauges:Wired&pageNum_cart=/products/index.php) and I’d like to know if I can hook that to the EZIO2x4. The rain bucket makes a momentary contact closure whenever the “rocker” device tips from one side to the other. This momentary contact closure may only last 10-20ms. As long as your EZIO2x4 is fast enough to happily detect this brief contact closure, then I believe it should work just fine. However, this thread leads me to believe it simply won’t work.

If it won’t work, I could add something like an ELK 960 to make the signal longer (as X-caiver suggests), but that ELK 960 requires 12v. I see from the pictures of the EZIO2x4 that it has a terminal labeled 12v, but I can’t find any documentation that says anything about it. Does it really provide 12v? Is there any documentation beyond the QuickStart PDF and the CommandSet PDFs? Is there a cheaper way to get the EZIO2x4 to signal short contact closures, if in fact it can’t already?