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Well that was better than what just happened to me. I got the error, figured the reply was sent in spite of the message, and turns out it wasn’t. Hope this reply works ūüėČ

I put docklite between the EZIO8SA and it’s PLM to see what’s going on. The EZIO8SA sends the group command

02 61 02 11 00 <—Group 2 On

then instead of kicking back and waiting for the All-Link Cleanup ACKs to come rolling in it does this:

02 66 07 04 FF <—- Set PLM Category
02 6B 20 <

Disable Auto LED
02 6E <

Turn LED off
02 6D <

Turn LED on
02 6B 00 <

Enable Auto LED

right now I’m trying to find out why the EZIO8SA seems to crash when I add very many devices to it’s group list.
It looks like the All-Link Clean up ACKs are interferring with this communication and crashing the EZIO8SA.

I’m watching the EZIO8SA looping / telling the PLM to turn off it’s LED,
but the PLM just keeps sending back a NACK.