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I was told that this bahavior is due to the group cleanup messages that need to occur. To me this is still insufficient. I can not tolerate the possibility of missing a trigger to an event if these devices are to be used in a critical application (like a security system). I have basically started looking elsewhere to fulfill the requirements of the systems I would be building.

Let me be perfectly clear. The 6 second delay is NOT the issue. The issue I have is that the events within that 6 second delay are not reported! They should be at least queued and sent when possible.

The reason I started using Insteon was so I would not be missing events. These devices fail to impress me in that regard. They are good for slowly changing inputs though (like a garage door). I have been monitoring my garage door with my EZIO8SA for about 6 months now but I did have to implement a polling routine to make sure that even when I don’t get the message from the EZIO, the software stays in sync.