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Hi – I notice the same 6 second issue as jatracy started this thread with:
Note: this is with the EZIO8SA V17 and SimpleHomeNet Utility 1.4

What I need:

    sense a momentary or sustained switch closure
    send a Group On message right away
    send a Group Off message after 1 min

What I get:

    if I hold the swich closed for more than Jatracy’s 6 sec and hold the switch open for more than 6 sec
    it sends a Group On on close and Group Off on open

    if I do either in less than 6 sec
    it doesn’t send the command for the action that occured inside 6 sec

    if I set the Input timer mins with the Utility and “save all changes permanently”
    it doesn’t seem to have any effect (goes back to 0) see my other post

    if I set the Output timer to one min (and Enable Output Timers)
    I can hear the output relay switch at close and switch back one min later 🙂
    but only if the PLM doesn’t have a link on that Group

    if I link the PLM on that group to another INSTEON device (to get the Group Commands)
    I can hear the relay switch at close and switch again about 1 sec later 🙁
    it only sends out the Group On and never the Group Off

    I even started hooking up outputs of inputs without PLM Group Links to inputs with PLM links but nothing I’ve tried gives me what I need.

Can anyone lend a hand?