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@rolinster wrote:

I’ve just joined the club.

I’ve successfully attached my Ademco Vista Alarm to my EZIO8SA opto isolated inputs. Ademco has a 4204 Relay Module that can be configured to monitor different aspects from your alarm. I use the 4 inputs to monitor away/stay activation and door open/motion. You have to configure what each of the the 4 relays monitor from you alarm keypad. Then connect the output of the relays to your opto isolated inputs. I’ve connected them using the non-isolated method and they seem to work.

If anyone knows a method of activating the stay mode of a typical alarm with some type of contact closure please let me know.


Rolinster – I have the Ademco Vista 15-P and currently use the Ademco X10 transformer for basic alarm triggering (stay/away). Since it is X10, it is highly unreliable. If I purchased the EZIO6I, will I be able to easily hook it up to my system, or do you HAVE TO purchased the 4204 Relay module as well? Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.