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Thanks, your reply helps. If I understand correctly, the middle byte will be either a 80 or 0 depending on the link method, and the LSB will be 0 through 11, for valves 1-7 and programs 1-4.

So in my example above, all my links ended up for valve 1, with link 3 being created by a snapshot link. However all the links I made were by tapping the EZRain between 1 and 8 times, before tapping and holding for 4 seconds to complete the link. I could see the blue led blink each time I pressed the button.

I am going to delete all links and start off from scratch. I will also try using the snapshot method to see if my results are any different. Being able to view the actual links created will be very helpful.

Your last comment seems to indicate that you have to go through the manual link process at least once with the KPL, at which point you can use the Manage Links screen to make changes to the valves/zones linked. Also, deleting a link via the Manage Links screen does not delete the link between the KPL and the EZRain, so if you reassign the KPL button to another device, standard delinking procedures need to be followed.

If I misinterpreted something or you have any other suggestions, please let me know.