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When you say manually link button A to zone 1 (9 taps) we think you mean program 1. Zones (valves) 1-8 are 1-8 taps, and programs 1-4 are 9-12 taps. No taps is the All-Link status snapshot (whatever state the EZRain is in at the time of linking.
We are working on a revised manual for our utilities which will explain the link record in detail. For now, please note:
– The flags (A2) indicate a slave record.
– The middle byte of the data is 80 for All-Link snapshot or 0 for zone (valve) or program number, where 0 is valve 1 and 8 is program 1.
You can delete a given record and then add a new one. This way you can force the least significant data byte to be the zone or program you wish. However, the program will not write the corresponding link in the KPL database. Thus, it’s best to link each KPL button manually, and then, if needed, adjust the records on the EZRain with our utility.

Are you tapping the button on the EZRain?