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With the 1.75 release of the SHN utility, I was able to test the analog alarm trip points. Testing confirms that GND on I3/I4 produces an analog value of 0 to 1. With a 10 bit analog resolution that is about as close as one would expect. That causes a state change because of the default alarm trip points of 0. After setting the alarm trip points to a midrange value, the flood of state change messages stopped. After debouncing my switches, I received one state change message when I switch between 5V through the pullup resisters and GND through the switch. Also, when I3/I4 are in analog mode, I3/I4 are reported OFF when GND is applied. This is opposite to digital mode and explains why the ISY-26 console was reporting states that looked backwards. In the analog world, GND is considered OFF and positive voltage is ON.