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@grif091 wrote:

I just recreated a situation where my EZIO2X4 sends “Status Changed” commands on a regular basis. With the Configuration Register set for “Enable Analog Inputs” (the I3/I4 Inputs are operating in analog mode rather than digital mode) and “Broadcast on Status Change” is set and the Inputs are not linked, and the I3/I4 Inputs are connected to GND, in come the Status Changed messages. Probably related to the default analog alarm values for I3/I4 causing what appears to be an Input change. When I switched the I3/I4 Inputs to 5V through the pullup resisters, the Status Change messages stopped. By turning off either the “Enable Analog Inputs” option or the “Broadcast on Status Change” option, stopped the flow of Status Messages.

Since you cannot use the SHN Utility to check/reset those options, I suggest doing a Factory reset procedure described in the Quick-Start Guide. Neither of the above options are on with a Factory reset. How those options were set to begin with is a question. They are stored in nonvolatile memory so once set they stay set, even when you pull the plug. Simplehomenet does test their devices so it may be that those options were set during testing and not restored to the Factory settings before shipment.

When those options are off, I3/I4 can be set to GND or 5V through pullup resisters without generating the Status Change messages.

Thanks for the testing and info Grif. You confirmed my suspicion that I3/I4 somehow got set to analog mode. The ISY-26 doesn’t log raw Insteon events, so I had no way to confirm this. What’s strange is that I did do a factory reset–held Set 10 seconds and continued holding for another 10 seconds after plugging in–before installing the device. I must have messed up the sequence, or perhaps something went amiss when I linked the EZIO to the ISY.