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@grif091 wrote:

I3 and I4 require pullup resisters if operating those Inputs in digital mode (the default mode) and dry contact switches are used. There are two areas of concern with the results that have been posted. First, connecting GND to I3 and/or I4 should have turned the respective Input to ON for as long as GND is applied. No cycling of the Input connected to GND. Second, connecting a pullup resister between 5V and I3 and a second pullup resister between 5V and I4 should have put the respective Input to OFF, rather than the ON that is indicated in the post.

I rechecked all the connections and everything is secure. I’m using 10K pullup resistors between +5V and I3/I4 and measuring well over 4 volts at those inputs, so I’m still not sure why they are showing a steady ON status. And I still see alternating ON/OFF status at these inputs if I tie them to Gnd.

I should also mention that all of my observations are via an ISY-26 admin console and logs. The ISY-26 has limited support for the EZIO series and doesn’t recognize inputs configured as analog. Is it possible that the weird behavior I’m seeing is because I3/I4 somehow got set to analog? Unfortunately, I don’t have an Insteon PLC, so I don’t have a way of checking via the SHN utility.

Meanwhile, the immediate problem is solved because my network isn’t getting flooded with status change messages anymore.