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I1/I2 have pullup resisters built in. I3/I4 do not have pullup resisters for the reason BLH mentioned. It would interfere with those inputs when operating those inputs in analog mode. I3 and I4 require pullup resisters if operating those Inputs in digital mode (the default mode) and dry contact switches are used. There are two areas of concern with the results that have been posted. First, connecting GND to I3 and/or I4 should have turned the respective Input to ON for as long as GND is applied. No cycling of the Input connected to GND. Second, connecting a pullup resister between 5V and I3 and a second pullup resister between 5V and I4 should have put the respective Input to OFF, rather than the ON that is indicated in the post. I have 3 2X4s in my network and they all work the same. Also just checked the I3/I4 voltages on one of them to be sure my memory and the quick-start guide were correct. GND turns I3/I4 ON and 5V through pullup resisters (without GND connection) turn the Inputs OFF. What value pullup resisters are you using. I have had good results with 10K pullup resisters. I have had confusing results at times when the wires were not well connected to the plug with the little screws. It is possible to insert the wire into the plug opening but not have it compressed between the two metal plates when the screw is tightened. Also be sure the orientation of the connections is not reversed.

EDIT: Also don’t try placing wires against the head of the little screws. Tempting during testing but does not give a reliable connection.