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Rf range does not seem to be an issue here. the reciever is central in the house near the open stairway so it covers the house nicely. Its the garage I need a sounder in. The old x10 chime module sounds on power up as well so i have that plugged into a switch link for now. It’s ok but the power has to be removed from the chime module for a good 10 minutes before it will sound again.

I’ll likely rig up a old electromechanical chime doorbell and tranformer to the switchlink for the garage/shop. Hopefully somebody will come out with a multimode sounder module.

I do have a camera and have it emailing a photo. The last time i tried it the lag through HS was too long and the picture was taken too late. That was when using the DA reciever dry contact to trip an x10 interflash module. i’ll try it again presuming lag will be not be as much of an issue now. this is what i bought the ez102x4 way back when.