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It works! My sensor triggers on E41.. the chime channel on the DA receiver.

As I reread this thread and realize now the limitations of reading from a BlackBerry WAP browser late at night…

Bob, thanks for the script and the instructions. It works fine and I see now there was an EZIO script in the example HS script and in yours. The garage doors are next. At some point I will have 4 for the garage doors and one to sense a low level of LP in the propane tank. How would I handle multiple EZIO’s in the script?

Now to dig out this EZIO2X4 I bought a while back and make some use of it as well.

Jonos, thanks for the quick replies and the help getting through the script self inflicted physiological barrier. Your dialog with Bob pretty much followed my train of thought as I was doing it.

And Grif091. thanks. you info helped me wrap my head around the insteon rules.

Now if someone would make the equivelent of the X10 chime module..