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I just bought anEZSnsRF. It picks up the dakota alert inductive driveway sensor fine. I am not having any luck getting Homeseer to trigger on it. I need to have it send me an email.. and only at night turn on the insteon controlled driveway lights.

For the longest time I had an X10 interflash module wired direct to he Dakota alert reciever relay contacts and it worked fine for a couple of years. Then X10 reliability declinded and finally it stopped working altogether and this is why I purchased the EZSnsRF.

I linked it to trigger an insteon switch link module which it does fine. When the driveway sensor is tripped it turns on the linked module (called Driveway sensor indicatior) for a second or so then shuts it off. So I set up an event that is to trigger on the state change to “on” of Driveway sensor indicator insteon module. if I use the Homeseer status screen and turn on the switchlink module, the event triggers fine. The event never triggers when the EZSnsRF turns the module on so it wont trigger at all when I trip the driveway sensor. I cant add the EZSnRF to homeseer as a device or on input device such as a remote or keypad link button. I see the earlier threads fom 2007 with similar concerns from others but no conclusion. Also what this about a utility to set up linking that is mentioned on the sheet that came with it? I can’t find anything on the simple home net website.

So Simple home net, can the EzSnsRF be used with Homeseer? Please confirm. if not I need to return it to Aartech for a refund .

please advise.