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Hey Paul:

No worries — I’m familiar with being a garage developer and all the insanity that results.

I’ve been somewhat successful in creating a vb.net script for HomeSeer’s Insteon Plug-in that interfaces the ezsnsrf with homeseer. I’m at least able to detect (with a PLM) distinct on and off signals from distinct dakota alert modules and have them trigger events in homeseer. I personally use it to detect motion on various parts of my property and have homeseer turn certain groups of lights on as long as motion has been detected within the past 30 minutes. It’s working reliably so far, but I’m unfamiliar with the actual insteon command structure and pretty much hacked the script together. I’m sure it’s missing support for device status query, and wasn’t certain if this was supported by the module.

If you’d like to take a gander, the code’s pretty readable. It’s posted on homeseer’s Insteon forums, currently located at the following URL:


I’ll keep that URL current with script updates as they come to be.