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Hey Paul:

I’ve got the basic structure down on the SNSRF I/O in and out of homeseer’s insteon plugin, and am seeing the following messages for the single dakota RF module paired with the SNSRF, Device ID 08.9E.01:

[on message]
01 08 9E 01 00 00 01 C7 11 00

[off message]
01 08 9E 01 00 00 01 C7 13 00

Field 0 is always 01 for status messages.

Field 1-3 indicate the device ID

Field 4-6 are (so far) always 00 00 01 — I’m not sure what this indicates — device ID? Dakota ID?

Field 7 consistently appears as either C3 or C7, which I’m assuming indicates some kind of group id or device id.

On seems to consistently appear as hex 11 in Field 8, and off as hex 13.

Given that there’s currently a lack of developer documentation for these devices, can you elaborate a bit on my observations? Specifically, what the content of these fields is and how I might best interpret it to observe on and off states for multiple sensors?