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Dave, our toll-free number should still let you into a voice mail system. This number is often redirected to another number for which we pay extra just to make sure we don’t miss any calls. We usually get back to callers if we can’t talk directly with them within the following 2 hours. E-mails are usually answered the same day.
So we are eager to make sure you get the best possible support and are troubled by your experience.
In the case of the EZIO8SA, you should get a series (about 6) short LED offs follwed by a longer (1 second) LED off upon power up signaling the synchronization of the PLM with the IO unit. This assumes the IO unit is plugged into the PLM and the PLM is then plugged into an AC outlet. If using our utility, the next thing is to enter the Insteon ID of the PLM and then selecting the IO model. At that point, pressing the firmware button will interrogate the firmware version which will then be displayed on the button.
The EZIO8T works very much the same in therms of the LED patterns at power up. Then the utility will let you do the same things you can do with the 8SA. The units share the same firmware base and differ only by virtue of their physical differences (type of outputs, number of IO, etc.)
You can also e-mail us and give us a number where we can reach you.