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I still have not been able to get the config utility to Get or Store times using either of my computers. I am waiting for SimpleHomeNet to provide some solution. Unlike you, I never get any error messages; the unit just hangs up part way through the transmission.

Fortunately, I have be able to enter/edit my times using my HouseLinc software without any problems at all. For the timers, I use InHomeFre.
This at least enables me to use the EZrain unit. Along with all the other testing I have done, I really think the problem is with the config utility and only an updated version will resolve these issues.

On the plus side, once programmed, the EZrain unit has so far worked flawlessly. I was even able to set it up with X10 addresses, so that my old X10 wireless remote control can control the zones, which is especially useful when working outside on the sprinkler system.