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I also am having communication problems using the EZRain utility. When I attempt to GET or STORE times, it starts downloading the times and then hangs up, usually on the 2nd dot of the progress bar. I spoke with Simplehomenet and they concluded that it was a communication problem caused by filters or noise. I moved my PLC and EZRain unit to other circuits/outlets, set up the software on another computer, and I tried this with both my 2814 and 2414 PLC. I was told that when you first run the utility, it should show the ID of both the PLC and the EZRain units. I always see the EZRain ID, but I have to click the Reconnect Button, before get the PLC ID to show up. I can send commands to manually open and close the valves, but I experience about a 20% failure rate. When I use the Houselinc software to control the EZRain directly, I experience 100% accuracy.

I get the same results with everything I have tried so far. I still have some more testing to do, but as of now I am suspecting that the EZrain Utility Software may be the problem.

One further item: Once I also noticed that the blue led on the EZRain went off. I unplugged the unit, plugged it back in, the led blinked a few times, then went solid and it has not gone off since.

I hope some of this helps.