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You guys were great – you upgraded my unit to the newest firmware revision – I appreciate it! By the way – Smarthome.com doesn’t even know they are shipping the old revision…

However, I have it hooked back up and can manually control the sprinklers using the “Manual Zone Control” buttons. However, whenever I try to store times in the programs, I get an error at the bottom that says “Error Sending Message – Please Confirm EZRain Module ID or Retry Command”. Occasionally I can get it to store a time, but not consistently.

As for signal problems I have 4 of the SignaLinc’s all linked up just fine (one of them in the garage). I have switches and stuff in the garage that work without a problem as well.

Thoughts? I am running the 2814 Icon PowerLinc so that I can download timers to it for the lights and such. Could this be causing a problem?

I did just notice when I went out to the garage that the LED light is not on. When I plugged it in, it blinked then stayed solid. Now – I cannot get the light to come on. And now I cannot get it to manually control sprinklers either.

Edit to add – I just unplugged the device and the bottom rear of it is warm to the touch. Not hot, but seems abnormally warm. Is this normal?

Thanks for any help you can provide.