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Sorry for the confusion. Everyone is right and we are wrong! With the introduction of the ‘2X4, firmware (version 1.4 and above) was harmonized across all the EZIO units to implement reverse logic and make it easier to accommodate contact closures. The opto-isolated inputs, when current flows through them should now indicate an ON by the setup utility. The non-isolated inputs in all units should also indicate ON when grounded (as in a contact closure being closed accross each one of them.) We made this decision with a long-term view, hoping better satisfaction by all users.
Our policy is to have your complete satisfaction. Therefore, we offer free firmware upgrades if you return the unit to us with proof of purchase. We’ll promptly return it a our expense.
Version 1.4 also includes OFF timers on the inputs and a more intuitive linking scheme that does not require the inputs to be ON when linking as a master.