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I don’t think there would be much advantage to going with the FET and Relay solution when I am pretty sure I can do what I want by using an EZIO8SA and taking advantage of the form C relays. (Have you considered changing the relays in the 2X4 to form C ?)

I am looking at the EZBridge option also but I’m not sure that it would work better for me than the EZIO8SA. The scheduling option is tempting but if the clock is going to reset whenever the power flickers it may not be a good fit for my environment.

I was also wondering about the Insteon PLM… Is there any way to share that with more than one device? Can I use 1 PLM with 2 EZIO8SA units or 1 EZIO8SA and 1 EZBridge? Or do I just stack individual PLMs using the feed through outlets if I have several devices?