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Similar to the Dakota Alert setup is the Voice Alert VA-6000 (Smarthome item 7138), and the Optex sensor (Smarthome 7317).

Does anyone know if these sensors/transmitters can work with the SimpleHomeNet EXSnsRF receiver, like the Dakotas do?

I did some checking. The Voice Alert transmitters transmit at 433.92MHz, which is the same as the Dakota Alert – so it looks like the Voice Alert transmitters should work.

The Optex transmits at 418MHz. Can the RF receiver “learn” that frequency (and others), and thus, work with the Optex?

I have been using 6 Optex sensors triggering X10 events for a few years now, and are very happy with them. I am converting to Insteon, so I am interested in the RF receiver.

Can someone confirm the functionality of the Optex and VA-6000 transmitters?

Thank you.