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someone posted the link to the device elsewhere and there was some speculation about its capabilities – i decided to ask the nerds – i mean – i decided to ask the experts that made the device ūüėČ

i did not have an application in mind – but was looking at how the device could be used in my home either as a new function or to replace my x10 devices – the dakotaalert.com web site has been down for a few days – when it is available again, i’ll look at their transmitters

hopefully, it will lead to convergence of some the rf devices – i have a keyfob that will open the garage door and arm/disarm my security system, another for the car and another for transmitting x10

i have never been a motion sensor kinda guy – i am thinking my bladder would refuse to cooperate if my brain was counting the seconds until the lights go off – kinda interested in rfid proximity technology – some guys over at the homeseer forum are birthing a product that i was reading about – maybe some day

i have read lots of comments from people wanting a rf remote to interface to their insteon network – sounds like this device accepts rf and talks insteon on the powerline – that’s half the puzzle – so now that we know you guys have conquered that hurdle, we’ll be watching for more

thanks for the reply