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I need some simpleton instructions, unfortunately… ūüôā I have an EZIO8T set up in my garage to detect magnetic contact closures for my garage doors and to detect rain gauge activation. I have only been able to get the Input 2 to work. I have the 10k 1/4W resistor and can connect to the 5v wire, but can’t get the EZIO to detect the changes on Input 1 or Input 2. I’ve tried many combinations of placement of the pull up resistor and 5v wire with no success. Can someone help with telling me specifically, where to “wire in” the resistor and where to wire in the 5v wire? I obviously have 2 wires from the contact (black and white) and 3 wires from the cat 5 cable of the connector to the EZIO (green is the 5v wire, green stripe and orange stripe are the wires for the Input 1), etc.

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