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I see the problem,
On the SMARTHOME SITE, when you download the Quick start guide, it shows the inputs in the right order, on the one on the Simplehomenet site, it lists the inputs in the wrong order. Also one the Smarthome site, the document shows j3-2 as +5 10 Ma, and the Simplehomenet site it lists j3-2 as +5 @50Ma.

SO you have different versions of the info sheet out there, and my guess is that it got messed up during the update ūüôā

Suggestion 1 is that you rotate the RJ45 180 degrees, its too hard to unplug the RJ45, the tab is buried.

Suggestion 2 is that you swap the LED and Tap-Button locations, its too hard to hit the tap button with the LED sticking out.