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Thanks for your thoughts. Indeed, we are counting on getting broad support from software vendors such that our sales will make this worthwhile. The comments on the HS thread are partly right but wrong on a very key point. In other protocols like Z-Wave, a profile is defined for a given class of devices such as thermostats or lighting, which standardizes the command set and expected device behavior. It has taken several years to define the few profiles out there. The controlling software still needs to know about that profile and command set in order to effectively support the device. Special code is needed to support each device profile. This is the same for Insteon but definition of profiles beyond lighting have ocurred much more rapidly. Manufacturers work with SmartLabs to define command sets within pre-assigned “DevCats” and these codes (Device Category, Device Subcategory, Command Tables) are controlled by SH and shared with all software vendors. Documents outlining this and the current commands is available to all software developers at htttp://code.Insteon.net
We are doing our part seeking support from the various software manufacturers and provide them with whatever they need including product samples. The end user, however, has a very strong voice in getting these software manufacturers to apply resources to support badly needed products.