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I installed one EZRain irrigation module a week ago and have been pleased with it so far (have sent several dozen command sequences). I have been a Homeseer user for years; unfortunately I have not been able to find any support for EZRain (Insteon) under Homeseer. I downloaded a trial of mControl. It seems to have FULL support for EZRain and Insteon.

Under mControl, you can run any valve manually or create macros to send commands to run any of four programmed watering sequences of all 8 valves. Note that mControl was created for Windows Media PC and a remote control, so it looks very Fisher-Price like. Cool points – it does run as a service under XP and can be controlled from any browser with access to the PC with the program.

I plan to buy more EZRain modules. If you run sprinkler controls – I’d suggest checking it out.