Project Description

Welcoming people into your home is no problem if you’re there.  But if someone like the cable guy or your teenage son or daughter needs to get in, you have no way to help them unless you drop everything and head home… until now!  A Smartenit system can incorporate keyless entry, security cameras and your phone to make you both the keymaster and gatekeeper.  You can see who’s at the door and let them in from wherever you are.

Smartenit Gateway Icon

 A Gateway

Use one of these as the “brains” of your system, organizing and facilitating all the devices on your network.

A Wireless ZigBee Doorlock

A ZigBee Door Lock

We support ZigBee enabled door locks made by Kwikset and Yale.  You may purchase them from the manufacturer’s website and their retailers.


Kwikset Home Connect


Kwikset Home Connect
Contemporary Deadbolt


Kwikset Home Connect

Tale Real Living Touchscreen Deadbolt

Yale Real Living
Touchscreen Deadbolt


A Security Camera

An IP Camera

We support a few different types of IP-enabled cameras.  You will be able to view live feeds and where applicable, have motion control over you camera.  You may purchase these from the manufacturer’s website and their retailers.


D-Link DCS-930L



iSmartenit App Icon

The iSmartenit App

The free interface that allows you to control, monitor and schedule your pool pump all from your phone, tablet, or computer.

More detailed instructions on how to discover your Gateway, add devices, and setup Wizards can be found in our Wiki

Step 1: Create an iSmartenit Account and Install Your Gateway

  • Creating an Account will allow you to use our free Cloud capability to quickly connect to your personal gateways from any phone, tablet or computer
  • Follow your Gateway’s Quick Start Guide instructions to connect your model to your network and then power the Gateway
  • After physical installation, you can use the “Discover Gateways” functionality to find the Gateway on your network, making connection easy and getting you automating sooner!
  • Your Gateway’s password defaults to “Smartenit”. Make sure to change it and create a Security PIN in your Security Settings. Your PIN secures your Gateway’s settings and also protects security elements like door locks.
  • After this quick set up, connecting is a matter of just pressing a single button on iSmartenit

Step 2: Add Your Security Elements

  • iSmartenit supports both Yale and Kwikset ZigBee locks as well as IP security cameras
  • You can add the door locks using your Gateway’s discovery mode
  • Refer to your door lock’s manual to find out how to enable it to join a network.  It’s usually a series of button pushes
  • You will need to set a security PIN for your gateway to operate your door locks
  • You will have to add your IP cameras using manual entry
  • You will have to know its IP address and port plus the image and control path
  • iSmartenit will show your feed images on your areas screen which you can enlarge by pressing

Step 3: Keep Track Of Who Comes In And Out

  • If you receive a message from someone at your door, you can let them in from wherever you are
  • Use iSmartenit to view the feed from your front door security camera to verify who’s there
  • You will need to enter your security PIN to remotely unlock your wireless door lock
  • Monitor your camera through the process, making sure they get inside
  • You can even lock the door behind them if they forget!