Project Description

There’s nothing like a cool dip in the pool on a hot day. While the water might be relaxing, realizing how much energy the pool pump uses can sure give you a migraine. Using Smartenit’s automation technology you can remotely monitor and control your pool pump, running it when you want to run it.

Smartenit Gateway Icon

 A Gateway

Use one of these as the “brains” of your system, organizing and facilitating all the devices on your network.



 A Wireless Pool Controller

This controller will help you remotely control and track the energy consumption of your pool pump.


Extending The Range Of Your Cpntrol Network

 A Range Extender

These simple to install extenders will increase the range and reliability of your automation network.  They are ideal to help communicate with remotely installed devices, like a pool controller.


The Free iSmartenit App

 The iSmartenit App

The free interface that allows you to control, monitor and schedule your pool pump all from your phone, tablet, or computer.


The Smartenit Kit

 Get a Kit!

This kit comes with your choice of Gateway, our wireless pool controller, and a range extender.  It’s the perfect place to start your automation system.  Bundle and save!

More detailed instructions on how to discover your Gateway, add devices, and setup Wizards can be found in our Wiki

Step 1: Create an iSmartenit Account and Install Your Gateway

  • Creating an Account will allow you to use our free Cloud capability to quickly connect to your personal gateways from any phone, tablet or computer
  • Follow your Gateway’s Quick Start Guide instructions to connect your model to your network and then power the Gateway
  • After physical installation, you can use the “Discover Gateways” functionality to find the Gateway on your network, making connection easy and getting you automating sooner!
  • Your Gateway’s password defaults to “Smartenit”. Make sure to change it and create a Security PIN in your Security Settings. Your PIN secures your Gateway’s settings and also protects security elements like door locks.
  • After this quick set up, connecting is a matter of just pressing a single button on iSmartenit

Step 2: Install and Add Your Pool Controller

  • Through the iSmartenit app, put your Gateway in discovery mode
  • Install your ZBMLC30, following wiring instructions found in your Quick Start Guide
  • Power your ZBMLC30 while simultaneously pressing the Set button. The LED button will begin to flash rapidly and slow to a steady rate once it is joined
  • Your new ZBMLC30 will show up in the iSmartenit app

Step 3: Create Your Pool Pump Schedule

  • Use iSmartenit’s Wizard’s module to set up your pool control system
  • You will set up your pump’s Start Time as a Fixed Time Condition
  • Add one Effect that sets your ZBMLC30 to the desired level
  • Add a second Effect that turns off your ZBMLC30.  Determine the total run-time by setting a delay on this Effect.  In this example, we set our delay for 2 hours, so our pump will run for 2 hours
  • If you want, you can set different start and/or runtimes for each day.  Simply create different Condition/Effect pairs with the desired Days selected