Project Description

Smartenit irrigation systems are accessible from anywhere and give you the flexibility to set up efficient water schedules to limit water consumption and energy use.  Evaporation snatches water right from your lawn, garden, or crops, severely reducing the effectiveness of your irrigation.  It peaks in the afternoon when the sun is most intense.  Having the ability to set your own irrigation schedules to minimize the impact of irrigation is key to a thriving lawn, garden, or crop.

This Smartenit irrigation solution allows you to schedule based on your local sunrise and sunset time.  Our gateways obtain these times on a daily basis, giving your system incredible flexibility, accuracy, and responsiveness.  You can then program your irrigation controller through our free iSmartenit application to use these times as offset points to run your irrigation schedule and programs.  Avoiding water loss due to midday irrigation means you end up using less water and saving money.


Smartenit Gateway Icon

 A Gateway

Use one of these as the “brains” of your system, organizing and facilitating all the devices on your network.

 An Irrigation Controller

Use one of these to manage your irrigation system remotely from anywhere. Controlling zones and setting schedules is easily done through the free iSmartenit application.
  • EZFlora-Main

    EZFlora – Model # 5010A

    8-Zone INSTEON/X10 Irrigation Controller

    You can monitor and control your irrigation system from anywhere with the EZFlora irrigation controller.  Independent...
    3.50 out of 5


Extending The Range Of Your Cpntrol Network

 A Range Extender

For those who are interested in our RainBee16, a range extender is a good idea. These simple to install modules will increase the range and reliability of your ZigBee network.  They are ideal to help communicate with remotely installed devices, like the RainBee16.


 A Sensor Interface

Those interested in our EZFlora irrigation controller can use this EZBreakout Connector to directly interface with a number of moisture sensors and water flow meters. This allows for a very responsive irrigation system that is only active when it is needed.


The Free iSmartenit App

 The iSmartenit App

The free interface that allows you to control, monitor and schedule your pool pump all from your phone, tablet, or computer.


The Smartenit Kit

 Get a Kit!

This kit comes with your choice of Gateway, one of our irrigation controllers, and a 24 volt transformer.  Based on your choice of irrigation controller, you will have a choice of add-ons. It’s the perfect place to start your automation system.  Bundle and save!

More detailed instructions on how to discover your Gateway, add devices, and setup Wizards can be found in our Wiki

Step 1: Create an iSmartenit Account and Install Your Gateway

  • Creating an Account will allow you to use our free Cloud capability to quickly connect to your personal gateways from any phone, tablet or computer
  • Follow your Gateway’s Quick Start Guide instructions to connect your model to your network and then power the Gateway
  • After physical installation, you can use the “Discover Gateways” functionality to find the Gateway on your network, making connection easy and getting you automating sooner!
  • Your Gateway’s password defaults to “Smartenit”. Make sure to change it and create a Security PIN in your Security Settings. Your PIN secures your Gateway’s settings and also protects security elements like door locks.
  • After this quick set up, connecting is a matter of just pressing a single button on iSmartenit

Step 2: Add Your Smartenit Irrigation Controller And Create Your Programs

  • Follow the wiring instructions in your Irrigation Controller’s Quick Start Guide to connect and power it
  • Put your Gateway in Discovery Mode to open our network
  • Follow instructions for your irrigation controller, also found in its Quick Start Guide, to enable it to join a network
  • Your controller should be discovered and appear in your Device list
  • Once you add your irrigation controller, you can create up to 4 pre-programmed sequences that can run on command
  • You may skip zones if you wish by entering “0” in their respective run time fields

Step 3: Run Your Programs When You Want Based On Sunrise or Sunset

  • Use iSmartenit’s Wizards module to create schedules for your newly created Irrigation programs
  • Set up a time and days on which to run as your Condition
  • Fixed Time Conditions can use Sunrise or Sunset as an offset point.  Your Gateway receives information on your local Sunrise or Sunset times each day.  So you can set your start points before or after either of these variable times.
  • Set the activation of your irrigation controller’s program as an Effect
  • If you would like to run different programs on different days like we have done here, just create a different Condition with different days selected and then create a corresponding Effect