Much like we strive for control over a harmonious ecosystem of wireless devices, we value partnerships that broaden the choices for the consumer.  So if you are a dealer looking to enhance your line of home and building automation of devices, a manufacturer looking for product integration, a potential partner, or a customer that wants a piece of cool new hardware to be Smartenit compatible, please let us know!


Our Current Partners

Become a Smartenit Dealer

Are you an electrical or general contractor expanding your business to include Smart Energy or home/building automation systems? If so, you’ve found one of the few manufacturers that brings harmony to multiple automation protocols including ZigBee, INSTEON, and X10. This means there is practically no job that you can not deliver on as a Smartenit dealer!

If you’re new to Smart Energy and/or home/building automation then you’ve come to the right place. Our products not only make your installations easier, enhancing your competitiveness by reducing labor costs.

To sign up as a Smartenit dealer, please fill out the application below and return to us via email ( Let’s smarten it, together!


The Smartenit Dealer Application

The Smartenit Dealer Application