Gateway and Ecosystem: Complete Solution for Cable and Telecom Providers

The Smartenit powered set-top box is a complete Connected Home Solution compatible with a rich ecosystem and applications for lighting, security, monitoring, energy management, water management, irrigation control, smart appliances, climate control, EV charging, and more!

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  • Large and expandable multi-vendor device ecosystem using ZigBee (HA, SE and LL) INSTEON, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Cellular protocols.
  • Connected Home software does not affect other STB functions.
  • Built-in device management, rules, logical devices and scenes for complete functionality with or without cloud server.
  • Complete and friendly REST API facilitates applications development.
  • Totally customizable to service provider needs.


Seamlessly Integrated Connected Home Server
  • Optimized for very small footprint and to use only minimal CPU resources.  No effect on performance of other STB functions
  • Implements complete home automation functionality including abstraction of devices, automation rules engine, scenes managment, device binding, device management, device virtualization, etc.
  • Interfaces to thin clients through TCP raw socket or WebSocket.  User interfaces need only implement presentation layer.
  • Concurrently uses multiple physical device interfaces (ZigBee, INSTEON, WiFi, etc.)


App Friendly API: Rapid Application Development
  • Provides choice of object-oriented XML, or REST API compatible with major existing libraries such as RESTLet, AngularJS and .NET.
  • Enables thin-client applications (native or web-based) for platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Also allows in-built STB clients to interface using D-Bus for maximum inter-application flexibility.


Cost-effective Licensing and Integration Services

Integrating a Connected Home through the best available hub is now easier than ever. Smartenit offers multiple plans that can include software only, cloud services, or combinations with hardware interfaces. Our support is there to ensure rapid integration and long-term success.